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remember this...?

remember this...?

About me:

Bristol based Labour party organiser, trade union member (Unite) and elected representative on the National Executive of NUS. I am also a member of the co-operative party and progress.

As if it needs stating after that, my politics are broadly centrist to moderate left and I consider myself a Social Democrat in the ideological sense – wikipedia does a good job on the definition here. I would also say that I agree with a lot of what is said by The New Economics Foundation, and encourages all visitors to my site to take some time on theirs.

My main areas of interest in politics are education and environmental policy, I have been a passionate campaigner on environmental issues long before they were trendy (and I’m glad they are now) and have been lucky enough to have been able to devote myself to educational issues full time during my two-year tenure of the Presidency of the University of Bristol Students’ Union and Chairmanship of the Aldwych Group of Unions. I continue that now part-time on the executive of NUS.

This Blog:

Whilst the NUS website goes through its much needed overhaul, I’ve decided to make my own blog here – I thought it would be good for member unions – who after all voted me into this position – to keep a track of what I’m doing, have a chance to input their comments, ideas and suggestions and generally keep a link between their national executive and unions on the ground.

I aim to blog about all the activities I’m undertaking in my role as well as update you on what’s happening at NEC meetings and decisions made. But that’s not all – I will also blog about a broad range of issues & current events and hopefully spark some interest, comment and debate – so get involved in what will hopefully be an interactive webpage.

All of the content is posted in a personal capacity and I will blog about issues not directly related to students or the NUS – of course nothing I write should anyway be construed as being for or on behalf of the NUS, Labour Students or the Labour Party.

So welcome, and now you’re sitting comfortably….read on.

Tobin Webb

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